GT 2000 Team Leaders

About Team Leaders

Most sections of GT 2000 utilize peer mentors referred to as “Team Leaders” or “TLs.” TLs are transfer students who have successfully made the transition from another Institution to Georgia Tech and who volunteer to work closely with the class instructor to facilitate small group interaction and offer mentoring, advice, and support to incoming transfer students.  and Many students who have successfully completed GT 2000 report that the friendships that form with fellow students and Team Leaders last well beyond the completion of the course.


Team Leader Role Description

Team Leaders play an important role in GT 2000 classes. The primary role of a TL is to provide mentorship to Georgia Tech transfer students and to help them make a smooth, successful transition to the Georgia Tech community. The position of TL requires dedication and a commitment to mentoring transfer students and to the GT 2000 program. Team Leaders also assist GT 2000 instructors in day-to-day activities of the class. The role of Team Leaders may include:

  • Leading GT 2000 class activities
  • Answering questions from new transfer students about Georgia Tech resources, academics, and organizations
  • Assisting GT 2000 instructors with day-to-day classroom activities such as facilitating small group discussions, announcing upcoming campus events, and participating in mock interviews
  • Collaborating with GT 2000 instructors on syllabus construction
  • Sharing GT expertise and experience with incoming transfer students
  • Working with fellow Team Leaders to create a welcoming experience for GT 2000 students


Benefits of Being a Team Leader

The benefits of being a Team Leader include:

  • Opportunity to meet other team leaders and new Georgia Tech students
  • Unique leadership experience
  • Chance to better the lives and experiences of new transfer students at Tech


To learn more about the qualifications and process for becoming a GT 2000 Team Leader, please click here.