How do I register for GT 1000?

You can register for GT 1000 during your FASET registration time. You can also register during Phase II of registration and the week of Drop/Add. 

Is GT 1000 offered in the Spring?

While most GT 1000 sections are offered in the Fall, we do offer a few sections in the Spring for those students who did not get a chance to register in Fall. Please keep in mind that Spring sections tend to be interdisciplinary-only, so if you're interested in registering for a major- or program-specific section, you'll need to do so in the Fall. 

Why doesn't my major have a major-specific section of GT 1000?

While we work closely with schools and colleges to ensure we have as many major-specific sections as possible, not all majors offer a discipline-specific class each semester.

If your major doesn't have a dedicated section, consider registering for an interdisciplinary section or a program-specific section--such as Undergraduate Education, International Education, Women in Engineering, or Leadership Development--offered by a program in which you're interested. 

Can I register for a major-specific section for a major I haven't declared?

In general, you must be have declared the appropriate major to register for a major-specific section. If you are planning on changing your declared major, and want to register for the GT 1000 section of your new major, you will need to request an override. To request a major-restricted override, please contact the GT 1000 section instructor, who will contact the GT 1000 office if approved. Overrides will only be issued at the request of instructors. 

Which sections of GT 1000 are being offered next semester?

All GT 1000 courses can be found in the course schedule on oscar.gatech.edu. You can also find a current list of GT 1000 sections, along with descriptions, here.

I'm interested in teaching GT 1000. How can I apply?

GT 1000 instructor applications open in early March. To learn more about the qualifications for teaching GT 1000 and the application process, please click here.

I'm interested in becoming a Team Leader. How can I apply?

Team Leader recruitment begins in February each year, with applications for the Team Leader position due in March. To learn more about the qualifications for becoming a Team Leader as well as the application process, please click here.