Film Scramble Categories and Awards

Film Selection Categories and Awards

All films that are submitted by the April 2 deadline and meet the Project One Film Scramble submission guidelines will be eligible for selection for one of four Film Scramble awards. Films will be judged by a jury of Georgia Tech faculty and staff who have experience in the fields of film and filmmaking. One film will be selected in each of the following four categories:

  • Best Writing
    • 2017 Winner: "Lucy" 
    • Writers: Molly Hill and Eddie Arribasplata
  • Best Editing
    • 2017 Winner: "Super Productive"
    • Editor: Duane Stanford
  • Best Directing
    • 2017 Winner: "How to Make Art"
    • Director: Daniela Rodriguez
  • Best Overall
    • 2017 Winner: "The T-Party"
    • Director: Kevin Qian
    • Writers: Ben Hirsch, Tyndal Mitchell, Jackson Vance, Caroline Ware, Bryce Irvin, and Tejas Khorana
    • Editors: Jackson Vance and Kevin Qian