GT 2000 Overview

Class Information

GT 2000 is a one credit hour, letter-graded class that is offered in both Fall amd Spring semesters. The course is designed to support transfer students in their transition to Georgia Tech and is taught by Georgia Tech academic faculty and administrators with advanced degrees. Each section of GT 2000 also includes Team Leaders (TLs), experienced transfer students who volunteer to serve as peer mentors to new transfer students. 

GT 2000 is designed to help students succeed in their courses at Georgia Tech, to offer them a support system of peers, faculty, and administrators, and to encourage them to become active, engaged members of the Georgia Tech community. 


GT 2000 Structure and Curriculum

The course meets weekly for one hour and covers topics critical to transfer student success at Tech. Examples include:

  • Academic success strategies (e.g. time management, academic advising, understand transfer credits, etc.)
  • Academic enrichment programs (co-op, study abroad, undergraduate research)
  • Leadership, community service, and involvement opportunities
  • Career and major exploration
  • Resume preparation
  • Georgia Tech resources
  • Georgia Tech history and traditions