For Project One 2016-17, our theme is “Resilience.” Resilience is about more than just survival, it’s about learning and changing and growing—all qualities that our incoming students will experience during their journeys here at Georgia Tech.

Project One will offer film screenings, discussions, and speakers, covering topics from The Martian to Errol Morris’s Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, and all offering an opportunity for first-year students to participate in discussions around what resilience means for individuals, systems, and communities. The project will culminate in a spring film festival, where students will have the chance to create their own multi-media project about resilience.  

All first-year students are encouraged to become active participants in Project One and to attend our film screenings and other events throughout the year. Project One will be used in some English 1101/1102 sections, GT 1000 classes, and other first-year courses and programs.


Project One Committee

Lacy Hodges, Center for Academic Enrichment, Chair
Charlie Bennett, Library
Brandy Blake, College of Engineering
Stan Broome, Scheller College of Business
Rebecca Burnett, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Kristina Chatfield, Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain
Larry Cloud, Division of Student Life
Andy Frazee, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Ann Gerondelis, College of Design
Edwin Greco, College of Sciences
Brett Hulst, Division of Student Life
Cynthia Jennings, Division of Student Life
Monica Miller, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Gerome Stephens, Division of Student Life